MapMod for Panzer Campaigns Japan'45 updated. Adjusted the artwork for Fields that, contrary to the rest of the Panzer Campaigns series, actually represent Rice Paddies in this title. Thanks to Ruy Horta - your idea used! :-)


A while back I got the somewhat daunting idea of making unit art unique to MapMod - below are some work in progress:

I have made quite a few already but still have massive amounts of work ahead.

MapMod for Panzer Campaigns Tobruk'41 Gold, El Alamein'42 Gold and Tunisia'43 Gold are finished and ready for download.


Lets expand this war - MapMod for Panzer Campaigns Japan'45 are finished and ready for download.


MapMod for Panzer Campaigns France'40 Gold updated. Added Unit Counters and UnitBox for the 'Non-Fragile' French that came with the latest official update. ( Be sure to install the official update first, and MapMod second. )


MapMod for all Panzer Campaigns Gold titles updated.

While waiting for the final 3 Panzer Campaigns Gold titles to be released by John Tiller and Wargame Design Studio, I have spent some time going through MapMod for titles already released. Fixed some small stuff: Added some missing images and corrected the somewhat embarrassing 'Embankment/Escarpment switch' among other things.


Made a small update to MapMod for Panzer Campaigns Market Garden'44, Normandy'44, Sealion'40, Sicily'43 and Stalingrad'42: Fixed an issue with the 'Dike' terrain feature.

Thanks to Ruy Horta for the flare. Appreciated! ;-)


MapMod for Panzer Campaigns Market Garden'44 Gold and Panzer Campaigns Sealion'40 Gold are finished and ready for download.

Also, MapMod for Panzer Campaigns Salerno'43 Gold updated - new Unit Counters for the Australians.


MapMod for Panzer Campaigns Sicily'43 Gold and Panzer Campaigns Salerno'43 Gold are finished and ready for download.

Also, MapMod for Panzer Campaigns Normandy'44 Gold updated - the Free French has the correct Unitbox now. Yep, I know that was sloppy. ;-)

( Will have MapMod for Panzer Campaigns Sealion'40 Gold and Market-Garden'44 Gold ready for you soon...)


MapMod for Panzer Campaigns France'40 Gold, for Panzer Campaigns Bulge'44 Gold and for Panzer Campaigns Normandy'44 Gold are finished and ready for download!

I doubt there will be any more updates before the holiday so... Merry Christmas everyone - see you next year.

Note: Many thanks to David (Strela) for continuously keeping me in the loop. Very much appreciated! :-)


Okay, the alternative Defensive Markers had too many in-game advantages over the default to ignore. So... I have made a switch between the two. The alternative markers are now made default and the traditional are made optional instead. All files and images are updated to reflect this change.

Note: The MapMod for WitE section is finally finished. Link on the right side of this page.


Added some alternative Defensive Markers for you to try out - check them out on the Download page. ( I am actually considering making these the default Defensive Markers and turning current default to an optional download instead. )


John Tiller Software are in the process of upgrading the entire Panzer Campaign Series to Gold versions. They have released all Eastern Front titles so far, and the West and Mediterranean Front titles will follow. So, as a countermeasure, here comes MapMod for Panzer Campaigns Gold - all Eastern Front titles.

The Map Legend is perhaps the best way to get acquainted with MapMod, but feel free to check out the many screenshots too. The screenshots are not necessarily taken from the immediate frontlines though, they are equally often taken from far behind the lines. Their primary purpose are to show you the mod - not the historical action.

I have tried to reduce eye strain by using subdued colors and to give the game a clean, easy to read, boardgame look. And as always with MapMod, I recommend that you turn off the original hexgrid.

Eventually I will probably need to adjust the official unit art, which I have left untouched. Its just a matter of rearranging some symbols and such on them, just so they dont overlap stuff added by MapMod. More on that later...


This place is my own little 'Man Cave', my 'Mod Workshop' if you will... and by making these mods I am scratching my creative itch. It is the only cure I know... :-)





Note: This mod does NOT use the '2D terrain slopes' that was introduced with the Gold Series - this is intentional.

I also recommend that you turn off 'Hex Outlines' in the 'Settings' menu.


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